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Comments From Service Users

I was thinking about killing myself….

“Before I started to the therapy in Derman everything was different. I was depressed. Apart from my son I was not in contact with anybody else. I was thinking about killing myself. Through therapy sessions at Derman, I learned how to connect with people again. My dialogues with my children improved a lot. I have been on and off from therapy for six years but none of them helped me like this. I have learned new techniques and strategies. I did not know Derman before and I am glad that I have used the service.”

Servis Kullanıcı, Erkek / 62

Counselling is for everybody who needs support and feel listened…

“I had my first experience of counselling this year. I wished to get this support before but I used to think that counselling for people who are not normal. I was wrong. Counselling is for everybody who needs support and feel listened. Thank you to Derman who gave me this opportunity.  It is the best decision I have ever made for my own benefit.”

Servis Kullanıcı, Kadın / 35 

Because of counselling I am able to stand up on my two feet..

“Counselling has taught me to love myself and stand up for myself. I gained a lot of self confidence… I cannot say I am completely healed, I think I still have a long way to go. But because of counselling I am able to stand up on my two feet and see the way ahead of me… Most importantly I have learnt to stay strong even when faced with the biggest problems.” 

Servis Kullanıcı, Kadın / 26

I am glad you are there to help…

“I am Turkish from Bulgaria. When I was no longer able to work due to my illnesses, I received help from Derman about benefits and homelessness. I am very pleased with your services. I am glad you are there to help.

Service User, Bulgarian Turk, Female / 54

Derman helped me to hang in there….

“I want to express this: If Derman had not helped me, I could not have found the strength and had the wish to overcome my difficulties. You helped me to hang in there. I feel like a baby, who has just started crawling. This service helps people when they are in crisis and the existence of this service is not only necessary but critical.

Service User, Female / 49

This service is very important

This service is very important. Too many people do not speak English and we prefer face to face service instead of telephone interpreting which is often used by GPs, but the interpreter on the phone does not understand us. Derman’s Bilingual Health Advocate gives information and advice and provide support as well as interpreting for us. They understand us and helps us to tell the doctor what we want.”

Servis Kullanıcı, Erkek / 57

Our feelings are like coloured beads

“Our feelings are like coloured beads. If you put them together within a design, they would look pleasant. During counselling, I learnt how to keep my feelings under control, whereas before they were all over the place.”

Servis Kullanıcı, Kadın / 36

“I was feeling totally lost before I came to Derman”

“Three years ago, my son attempted suicide and was diagnosed with a serious mental health illness. This left me with the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. As mother with no support, from my husband, I found it extremely difficult to cope with this situation. Gradually, I distanced myself from all my friends and family. As if I was dying in a deep and dark place that I would never be able to get out. With the aid of counselling sessions at Derman, I started getting connected with life again; now I am receiving the necessary treatments for my physical health, I am in touch with my relatives and friends, and I can cope with my son’s mental health condition. Being aware of other services that are offered by Derman, I experience life from a safe and hopeful place.”

Service User-51, Female