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How To Overcome Depressi̇on: 3 Thi̇ngs You Can Do Now

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Although depression treatment has been going on since ancient Greek times, it developed especially in the 20th century. Treatment for depression usually involves a combination of

1. Medications (Anti-depressants)

2. Talking Therapy

3. Alternative therapies (such as herbal treatments, acupuncture)

MEDICATIONS should be taken into consideration. It is important that the medication is suitable for the person’s body and needs. Therefore, the medication must be used under the control of the experts and according to their recommendations. After using the medication for a while, the effects of the medication should be discussed with a doctor, and it should be decided to continue or stop the use of the medication only if the doctor deems it appropriate.

Remember: Medications is only part of the healing process.

TALKING THERAPY: Since 1970-80s, talking therapy has become increasingly important in the treatment of depression. The aim of talking therapy is to raise awareness, resolve internal conflicts, give confidence to the person, to change unhelpful patterns of thinking and behavior, help you accept your share of the experiences you have, and help you overcome your difficulties.

The therapy process will bring you closer to yourself and make you look at your conflicts more positively. With this method, it is aimed to correct the mental balance that has been disturbed by revealing the existing forces in the person.


• Your GP can refer you to the appropriate service

• Psychiatrist

• Psychologist

• Psychotherapist- Talking Therapy Specialist Derman

Who can use Derman Counselling Service?
This is a free of charge adult (16 onwards) counselling service for Turkish speaking clients or clients of Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot origin who reside and/or are registered with a GP in Hackney.

How to Refer to Derman?

Derman accept referrals in writing, a letter or completing referral form, from GPs, other Primary Health Care professionals, Locality Mental Health Teams and other voluntary sector organisations or health professionals.

Download theCounselling Referral Form

Return the completed form by email or

Post to: Derman, The Basement, 66 New North Road, London N1 6TG