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Truths About Depression

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Mental health is the individual’s efforts to be in peace with the people around him and the society, to maintain constant balance, order and harmony. There are no people who do not feel sadness, distress, fear, anger, jealousy, and accordingly, do not behave differently than usual.

However, mental health may deteriorate as a result of its transformation into severe condition.


Depression is a state that has biological, psychological and social causes, affecting one’s body, thought and mind. Depression can be overcome slightly, or it can turn into a problem that takes us for a long time. There were times when we were all troubled and sad. Sometimes this continues for a while and we find a cure for things that upset us and bother us. Sometimes our emotions do not pass, and it affects us so much that it becomes very difficult for us to do our daily work. When this happens, it is necessary to seek help by consulting a specialist.


• Loosing desire and taste

• The person feels deep in grief

• Pessimistic and pessimistic thoughts about the future

• Regret and guilt for the past

• Suicidal ideation, suicide attempt

• Insomnia or excessive sleep

• Anorexia or overeating

• Loss of sexual desire

• Indifference to social life

• Self condemnation, defamation, contempt, or humiliation

• Crying often

• Restlessness and tension

• No pleasure from the things that were enjoyed before

• Difficulties in understanding what they read and watch, difficulties in concentrating

• Indeterminate pain in our body.

How To Overcome Depression: 3 Things You Can Do Now

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